14 Fall Wardrobe Essentials – Plus Size Fashion

14 Fall Wardrobe Essentials – Plus Size Fashion

As the leaves change colors and the weather gets cooler, there’s also a shift in fashion. The best thing about fall fashion is the way you can use different layers and accessories to style an outfit. There are basic pieces that can transform your wardrobe to fit the fall weather. I’ve put together a list of 14 items that’ll help you achieve the perfect fall outfit every time.

Quick tip: one thing to keep in mind are the colors. The fall color palette is very similar to the multicolored leaves like mustard yellow, burnt orange, maroon, and olive-green. A way you can style your outfit is to keep your clothes pretty neutral and use these colors in your layers and accessories to make the outfit pop. Ok, now onto the pieces!

1. Turtle Neck Sweater

The turtle neck sweater is a staple because of how versatile it is. You can practically pair a black turtle neck sweater with many of the items I’ll mention in this post. Remember to find one that has a lighter fabric so it will feel comfortable when layering pieces over it.

2. Leopard Animal Print

Fall is a great time to rock an animal print. A quick tip is to mix this print with a solid color. For example, you could wear an all-black outfit with a leopard printed scarf or a faux leopard jacket.

3. Flannel

This one is a given since flannel is the unofficial print for fall. Your wardrobe is not complete with a bit of plaid, so get creative with this print. Not only can you change up the different color schemes, but you can also play with different flannel accessory.

4. Chunky Cream Sweater

There’s a reason why they call fall sweater weather, and there’s nothing cozier than snuggling in a chunky sweater. A cream sweater is the perfect neutral color that can be paired with many fall layers and accessories.

5. Striped Tee

Just like the turtle neck sweater, a striped tee is another one of those staple pieces you can wear under the different layers.

6. Denim Jacket

Denim jackets will give your outfits a more casual look. Throw it over a dress to dress it down, or wear over a flannel blouse for that classic fall look.

7. Leather Jacket

The secret to turning anything into an edgy fall look is by layering it with a leather jacket and boots. Got a summer dress? Put on a leather jacket and some knee-length boots. It’s like magic.

8. Utility Jacket

Just like the denim jacket, a utility jacket is an easy fall layer you can throw on almost anything. Throw it on over a striped tee and skinnies, or even a dress with boots.

9. Black and Dark Skinnies

If you’re wearing an oversized jacket or a chunky sweater, black and dark skinnies are going to help balance out some of these top-heavy layers and pieces.

10. Scarves

Here’s an accessory that’s a must-have for the season. With so many patterns and fabrics, you can turn a simple outfit into a more stylish look by throwing this over an outfit. I recommend having a solid black, plaid, and leopard scarf in your collection.

11. Brown Belt

Belts are one of the most underrated accessories. Adding on a simple belt can make a big difference to your outfit. I’ve been obsessed with the gold circled belts buckles, makes any outfit look chic.

12. Black Belt

13. Knee/Quarter Length Boots

Nothing screams fall like a nice pair of boots. Tall boots are not only going to keep you warm, but they can also tie an outfit together. Play with the different colors, heals, length of each pair for your outfits. You can’t go wrong with neutral-colored boots, such as a basic brown and black pair.

14. Chunky Ankle Boots

Sure the Chelsea boot is a staple, but so are the chunky ankle boots. These boots will give your outfit an edgier look and is the perfect pair to wear when transitioning to fall and throughout the fall season.



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