2017 Happy Planner: Modern Marble


2017 Happy Planner: Modern Marble

If you love the Happy Planner and if you love marble, guess what: THE HAPPY PLANNER COMBINED THEM BOTH! You all know my obsession with marble, so when I saw this I had to get one! This post is just a sneak peek of what the planner looks like!


This planner begins in July of 2017 and ends in December of 2018, so you have a full 18 month calendar. The beauty of the happy planner that it is a disc-bound system. This means you can take out pages and put them back in easily. I took the month of April, May, and June from my old planner and plopped them into this one so I can go ahead and start using it asap.

Quick Tip No. 1: So far I have not found this at a Michael’s, but they are available at Hobby Lobby. Make sure to get yours quick because it’s hard to keep this beauty on the shelves!

Quick Tip No. 2: Make sure to use their 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby!







What do you think about the new 2017 Modern Marble Happy Planner? I am in love!


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