Valentines Day Sultry Makeup Look

Valentines Day Sultry Makeup Look This is my very first Valentines day makeup look for you guys, and I hope you like it! You cannot have a Valentines day makeup look without the bold red lips! Scroll down for the full video and a list of all of the products I’ve used!


Update Your Winter Skin Care Routine

Update Your Winter Skin Care Routine When the weather changes so does my skin care routine. The cold weather dries out your skin leaving you with those dry, flaky patches (not pretty). Here is a look into my current skincare routine and my tips to update your winter skincare routine.


Minimal Makeup Routine

Minimal Makeup Routine If you’re looking for a simple makeup routine with minimal products and good coverage, this is it right here. Caking layers upon layers of makeup everyday isn’t great for your skin. Keep your makeup routine simple with these products and give your skin a break from all that cake (haha, did that even…


Holiday Look: Frost Yourself

Usually I stay away from white eyeshadow, but during the Holidays I like to use matte whites, shimmers and cool toned eyeshadows. I’ll keep this Holiday Look post short&sweet, and list all of the products I’ve used. It’s basically the same technique as my other holiday look, but using different colors. Check out that video…


Holiday Makeup Look, Party Makeup

Here comes the holiday makeup tutorials! I love the holidays because you can start adding in a bit of sparkle and even more glam to your makeup look. In this classic holiday look, I paired a glitter shimmery eye look with bold red lips. Everything used in this holiday party makeup is affordable. Be sure to check…


Thanksgiving Fall Makeup Look

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (aka: gobble gobble day). I wanted to share a quick little video and blog post of the Thanksgiving Fall Makeup Look I’ll be rocking on Thanksgiving. This look has all of Fall’s beautiful colors and it’s pretty easy to do. Be sure to check out my video towards the end for a…