Mani Monday: Powder Dipped Nails


I’m really excited about this Mani-Monday post! I’m going to share a whole new nail concept I’ve just discovered!

I love going to the nail salon to get my nails done. I used to get acrylic sets because I loved how hard they made my nails look and feel. The downside: they are absolutely terrible for your nails. That’s when I switched to getting gel manicures. Don’t get me wrong, I love my at home gel mani system, but I’ve always wished that someone would invent a system that’s more healthy on your nail beds like gel manicures with the look and feel of acrylic nails. Who knew this was already a thing!

There are many different names and brands regarding this nail technique, and it is a very interesting process. The nail salon I went to had the ANC brand.

The application process is actually pretty simple:

1. Buff the nails a bit and add tips if desired (I skipped the tips for a more natural look)
2. Apply a gel base coat fortified with calcium and vitamin E and then dip the nail in a super fine base powder
3. Apply on the adhesive and dip the nail in a powder with the color of your choice
4. Apply on the adhesive again, as well as dipping the nail in the same powder again
5. An activator is sprayed on to the nails to bind it all together
6. Nails are filed, buffed, and shaped
7. A high shine sealant is applied

ANC Powder Dip Nail








*The color I had was in #105 beach babe.

What I absolutely love about this is that unlike acrylic nails, this is actually good for your nails. It has that feel of acrylic, but looks as natural as a gel manicure. There are no UV lights, no harsh chemicals (odor-free), and the shine lasts a crazy long time without chipping, pealing, or lifting.

IMG_2774*This picture was taken over a week of it on, and the shine still looks amazing

The only con I could think about is its price. They can range from 30-50 dollars depending on what you get, but in the end it is well worth it since it lasts longer than your typical gel/acrylic manicure.

Have you tried this system? What are your thoughts?

XoXo, KayMo


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