Hey loves! I love summer. I love the shorts, the popsicles, the pool, etc. What I don’t love? Wearing a ton of makeup.  So I wanted to show you some of my favorite summer makeup products and my everyday summer makeup routine.

The products that I use are:


1. I think one of the biggest things you can do with your summer look is to prep your skin. Wear that sunscreen and that primer! Sunscreen is a must to protect your skin from the sun and a primer is going to really help prevent your makeup from slipping and sliding off of your face.

2. Opt for a bb cream instead of a thick liquid foundation. It feels much lighter on your face and there are many out there on the market. The one I use is a pretty inexpensive one from the drug store. The best part is that this bb cream also has an SPF of 30 so you have additional protection from the sun.

3. I love concealer. I need it. Helps my face look more bright and more awake. So for the summer I like to grab my NYX concealer because this one is water proof, perfect for pool and beach days.

4. I set my face using the fit me powders, and I use two different shades. I use a lighter color to set my concealer under my eyes, and I use a darker color all over my face. This way, I’m adding that dimention and color into my face.

5. This Physicians Formula bronzing pearls are amazing! I use it as a blush because of the peachy gold, as well as my eyes. It is very smooth and pigmented and will look amazing on any skin tone. This is a must have for my summer look.

6. For my eyebrows I just grab any dark eyeshadow to fill them in. Here I’m using an angle brush and the darkest eyeshadow in my Smokey Naturals Quad from Maybelline.

7. Revlon 3D Photo Ready Mascara. This is by far one of my favorite mascaras.  Click here for a full review!

8. Last but not least, the fun part: lipstick.  I’m always using a pop of color for summer. Bright lips are fun during the summer days, and my favorite lip products would have to be by Milani. This one is in the shade Matte Passion, and it is a very bright orange/red lip color.

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Tell me what you guys think! Hope you enjoy my video!

XoXo, KayMo

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