3 Ways To Save Money On Gifts

save-moneyYou know the holiday season is here when you have Justin Bieber and N’SYNC Holiday album on repeat. If you’re like me and love a lot of people, holiday shopping can put a hefty dent in the bank account. So here are my top tips on ways you can save money when shopping for holiday gifts!

Set a budget. When you set a budget, you’ll know exactly how much you have to spend on each gift. That way, you don’t have to wonder where all your money went since it’s all planned.

Make a list and check it twice. Planning on what exactly you want to get will not only save you money, but will also save you time. A trick I’ve learned is to keep a section in your notes on your phone of things you want to get people. For example, if your sister said she wants a nice set of wireless headphones, quickly jot it down in your phone or a notebook. This takes the thinking out finding gifts and you can keep an eye on great money saving deals.

Start early and buy off season. Ok, so this may not apply this year, but keep this tip in mind for the future. Buying things that are off season can save you a lot of money. For example, I love buying boots during spring/summer when they are not in season.

Coupons! If you’re not using coupons, you’re practically throwing money away. The beauty of living in 2016 is that you can find and keep coupons on your phone. So the next time you’re out shopping and have a coupon for something on your list, pull out your phone and use your coupons.

Do it yourself. I love D.I.Y. gifts because it means that it came from the heart. If you need a small gift to get someone, go on Pinterest for inspiration, run to your local craft store or dollar tree, and create it!

Shop at Ross, Marshalls, TJ Max, and Nordstrom Rack. This is a tip I give everyone and their mother. You can find amazing deals and department store brands for a fraction of the original price. You can find a gift for everyone on your Christmas list. Everything from clothes, perfume, makeup, to home decor.

Hope this post helped you! Happy shopping (and saving)!

XoXo, KayMo


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