30 Things I’m Grateful For

truely-130 Things I’m Grateful For

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to really stop and appreciate everyone and thing in your life, big or small. Even though these are things I’m grateful for daily, here’s a quick list on 30 of them.

  1. The strongest woman I know: my mom
  2. The most caring man in the world: my dad
  3. My rock and support system: my little sister
  4. My fur baby Binky
  5. Having a large and loving family
  6. My awesome cousins
  7. My best friend
  8. Having a career I love
  9. Finding my passion for xoxokaymo
  10. Iced doppios
  11. Having a roof over my head and warm food in my belly
  12. Speaking of food, my moms cooking
  13. Each and everyone who takes their time and checks out my blog and youtube channel
  14. The happy planner
  15. Bullet journals
  16. My canon t5i camera
  17. Iphone 7 plus
  18. Work friends for making my job even more fun
  19. My boss who I’ve learned so much from and look at almost as a mentor
  20. Lash curler and L’Oreal Paradise mascara
  21. My car, Lola the corolla for taking me anywhere I need to go
  22. Everyone I know and care for is in good health
  23. Opening up about social anxiety
  24. $1 sushi nights
  25. LA Fitness
  26. All of the doors that has closed on me for the good and all of the better opportunities that opened up for me instead
  27. A cozy bed and netflix
  28. Mornings I can sleep in and nights I can stay up
  29. Good brow days
  30. Long weekends like this

What are you thankful for?




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