7 Easy Ways to Make Your Room Cozy for Winter


Baby, it’s cold outside…ok maybe not that cold, but it’s getting there! Winter is coming, so it’s time to make things extra cozy. Here are 7 easy ways to make your bedroom nice and toasty for winter.


1. It’s all about the bed. This step alone can drastically change your room. Try out cool-toned colors, flannels, and layering your bed with different textures.

2. Pillows, pillows, and more pillows. Pillows are the accessories for bedding. Adding on different pillows that remind you of winter will do the trick.


3. Furs. Faux furs to be exact. Throw them on your bed and on your chair.

4. Rugs. I have a fur rug on my carpet, but you can get other styles. Try to even layer a few rugs on top of each other for a different look.

img_73035. Warm socks and slippers. Keep a pair of these bad boys by your bed. That way if you need get up from your bed, these will keep your toes nice and warm.


6. Stock up on your favorite holiday and “winter” scented candles and light ’em up.

7. Along with candles, keep scented plug-ins and air fresheners around.  I’m obsessed with the Febreze limited edition holiday scents.




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