7 Reasons Why Dogs Make The BEST Pets


7 Reasons Why Dogs Make The BEST Pets

A dog is woman’s or man’s best friend. Sure they can be a lot of work, but they are incredibly rewarding. I’ve slowly become the crazy dog lady, and here are 7 reasons why dogs make the best pets.

1. You will never be or feel alone. Having social anxiety, there were times I felt that I was completely alone and had absolutely no body. After Binky came into the picture, I almost never had that feeling. No matter what, dogs will be by your side or at least want to be in the same room as you (well…unless it’s time to take a bath, then they’ll run for their lives).

2. They’re always happy and excited to see you. You can be gone all day for work or just take a 1-minute walk to the mail box. Once you get back home they will act like they haven’t seen you in years.

3. They can sense emotions and can also increase your mood. I got my little nugget when I was at the lowest point in my life. I was struggling with many things and was pretty close to depression. I wholeheartedly believe that Binky just knew when I was feeling sad and would smother me with kisses and hugs. He was a huge reason why I became a happier person.

4. They will love you unconditionally. Their loyalty is just unreal and will show love and affection no matter what. They don’t care about how you look, where you live, what you wear, etc; all they care about is you and making you happy.

5. You’ll become more active. Whether you need to walk them outside or take them to the park, a dog will make you get off your butt and be more active. I was at my heaviest before I got Binky, and he was a major reason to why I started to workout again.

6. They teach you how to be more responsible and patient. A dog is another life you are responsible for. Just remember that they need a lot of time and attention. You have to create some kind of routine for them, train them, and make sure they are healthy. They can and will push your buttons and patience, but it is all worth it in the end.

7. There’s never a dull moment. My dog is a circus act. Watching him his beyond entertaining. Dogs will bring a lot of joy and laughter in your life just by the faces they make and the things they do.




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