Best At Home Highlighting Kit for Dark Hair


Bleaching and highlighting your hair is a tricky task to do. Something I’d only advise to those who know what they are doing. If you’re someone who’s had experience with at-home bleaching, this may be a kit you’d want to try. Today I wanted to talk about my all-time favorite, best at home highlighting kit for dark hair: L’Oreal La Petite Frost in H75 Chardonnay.

When it comes to highlighting and bleaching, I’ve tried different kits. The Loreal Paris La Petite Frost was the one that gave me the look I wanted. This is also perfect for people with dark hair and would want noticeable contrast within their highlights.


Tips on How to Bleach Your Hair at Home:

1. Highlight on second or third-day hair so that the oils protect the scalp a little.

2. Part your hair down the way you’d normally wear your hair. I know some people may beg to differ, but that’s just how I do it and end up with the look I want.

3. Don’t use the cap it comes with. I’ve noticed whenever I used the cap, the highlights wouldn’t reach my roots.

4. Make sure to brush out all of the knots before applying bleach!

5. Apply bleach in very small sections and use foil in between to separate.

6. Deep condition after bleaching. Remember, bleach will dry out your hair, so it is very important to nourish it.

Here’s the before and after:

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Another tip is to use purple shampoo to tone out the brassy color. I wanted the ends of my hair more blonde, so I saturated the ends with purple shampoo and left it on for 5 minutes. Quick note: do not use purple shampoo every time you wash your hair since it is drying. Switch your shampoo every time you wash your hair. I recommend the ones below:

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