How to Tone Brassy Hair


The dreaded brassy hair. This is something us dark haired girls have to face when we bleach our hair to get lighter.

Going blonde is hard work for a brunette. Whether you’re going full on blonde, getting an ombre, or just a few casual highlights, it involves bleaching. In most cases when bleaching dark hair, the strands tend to look more on the orange/brassy/yellow side. The best way to fix this is by toning your hair by using a toner.

The products I’ve used to tone my hair is the Wella t14 toner and a 20 volume cream developer. I’ve picked this particular toner because it has blue undertones which is great for counteracting the orangey-yellow.


You can definitely tell a huge difference with my hair. The left side is the before and the right side is the after.


Also, keep in mind, I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL IN ANY WAY! I just love to experiment with my hair and google a lot of my questions, ha.

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XoXo, KayMo



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