Living with Social Anxiety


Living with Social Anxiety

If you have social anxiety, you know exactly how mentally exhausting it is. After opening up about it with my friends and family, I’ve decided to share it with the rest of the world of what it’s like to have it and ways I was able to manage my anxiety during social situations.

This is a super personal video for me. If you go through the same thing, know that you are not alone, and do not be ashamed of having social anxiety. I hope I can help at least one person with my experiences and with this video. Please share this video with somebody you think will help them.



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  1. 5.23.17
    Rosie Olivia said:

    There’s such a stigma about mental health because people can’t
    identify with it. It’s not tangible. You break a wrist and everyone rushes over
    to sign your cast but you suffer from something in the mind and people rush
    away from you. We accept emotions like grief because we can identify with them
    but those emotions that we cannot identify with we turn away from and scowl
    upon because of pure ignorance.

    This is why I have decided I want to write a book about my
    anxiety journey and the stigma of mental health in general. If anyone has any
    opinions or thoughts that they would like to share with me or ideas of things
    they think need to be included in the book please do not hesitate to email me
    at 🙂 x

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