Milani Matte Lipsticks


What’s better than new lipsticks? MATTE new lipsticks! Milani came out with beautiful, matte colors and they are absolutely amazing! I’m really excited about these because matte finishes are my favorite. 


As you can see, the Milani lipstick packaging is very pretty. What I love about these is that the bottom has the lip color visible so you know exactly which one you are grabbing.


Keep in mind, since they are matte, make sure to have your lips nice and moisturized. Also, if you do not exfoiate the dead skin off your lips, Matte Flirty and Mate Confident will seep through the cracks (not pretty). Also, expect these colors to last throughout the day. The longevity is insane, and the bolder the lip color, the longer they will last.


These products are very affordable. Each tube runs for $4.50, and there are many more shades to choose from. I love how smooth they are, the pigmentation, and of course the finish. I plan on picking up many more shades!

XoXo, KayMo



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  1. 9.11.15
    Dheeraja said:

    Have you tried the Milani lip stains? If so, what are your thoughts?

    • 9.12.15
      KayMo said:

      I have not, but I have been looking for them everywhere!!

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