Plus Size Back to School Lookbook


Plus Size Back to School Lookbook

It’s that time again: back to school. For those of you looking for a few casual outfits to rock down those locker filled hallways, this blog post and video is for you. Here are two plus size outfits incorporating one of my favorite things of all time: the denim jacket.

Look No. Oneimg_5597



This very first look is my favorite go to outfit, especially when the weather gets a little cooler. All of my items were purchased from ROSS.

Denim Jacket: $19.99

Grey Top: $7.99

White Ripped Denim: $12.99

Fake Glasses: $4.99

Black Booties: I think it was $18.99

Black Backpack: I think it was $19.99

Look No. Two




Look number two is a little more girly. You have the pastel pink dress, but you get that casual feel by throwing on some white sneakers and a little denim.

Denim Jacket: Calvin Klein

Dress: Forever 21 Plus $7.99

Shoes: Ross $14.99

Watch: Michael Kors

I hope you all enjoyed the video and liked my two plus size back to school outfits! Are you going back to school? If so, what will you be wearing?




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