Plus Size Fashion: How To Rock the Athleisure Trend


Plus Size Fashion: How To Rock the Athleisure Trend

Now that it’s the new year, a majority of us are back in the gym working out, which means you are probably in your workout attire a little more often. The athleisure trend is pretty awesome because it is now acceptable to rock leggings and your workout outfit in public. All you need are a few accessories and clothing pieces to take your outfit from the gym to the streets.

There are three simple rules in order to follow this trend (and it’s pretty easy):

1. Start off with your basics. Usually it’s what you work out in. For me, this is a loose plain or graphic t, leggings, and my sneakers. Keep it neutral so that it’s easier to add other layers.

2. Layering on key pieces to change your look. In my video, I threw on my leather jacket for an edgy vibe, a denim jacket for a casual vibe, and switched to a loose long sleeve for a yoga look. Find the style that works for you.

3. Last but not least, accessorize. Once again, I try to stick to neutrals to go with my outfit. Sunglasses, hats, and switching out your shoes are just a few ways you can transform your workout outfit into a new look.

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