Plus Size Fashion: Inside Torrid’s Dressing Room

Plus Size Fashion: Inside Torrid’s Dressing Room

Hey guys! Today’s blog post/YouTube video is kind of fun. I’m doing my first ever vlog style YouTube video and I’m taking a trip down to Torrid!

In this video, I’ve decided to go to Torrid FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME (I know…why did I wait this long?), try on some of their clothes inside their dressing room, and show you the clothing items that I’ve picked up. Overall, I was very pleased with the shopping experience! Usually, when I shop for clothes, I start to feel a little discouraged when over half the things I pick up do not fit my body. Some places have a bigger selection of clothes for smaller bodies, making it difficult to find pieces for someone on the plus side. So happy to see that there are more and more companies out there catering to men and woman all shapes and sizes.

Check out the video below to see what plus size clothing items I’ve tried on, tips for shopping, and the pieces I ended up picking up!

Have you shopped at Torrid? What was your experience like?

XoXo, KayMo



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