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Can’t seem to find anything to wear for Halloween? Well you might have something sitting in your closet. I’m talking about the little black dress. With Halloween being just a few weeks away, I wanted to create three different costumes.  All you need are a few props to transform your little black dress into a costume you can wear on Halloween.

Even though the title of this post has “Plus Size” in it, the beauty about these costumes is that anyone can wear them because it’s using their own dress. So if you’re looking for an affordable and easy/last minute look, this post is for you!

Costume #1: Little Red Riding Hood


For this costume, I have on my little black dress, thick black stockings, tan booties, and a diy red hood. I watched Bethany Mota’s video for instructions on making the red hood at home!

What you need for the red hood: 2 yards of red fabric, scissors, and fabric glue (if you’re not into sewing).

Costume #2: Minnie Mouse


For this look, I wore the black dress, thick black stockings, tan booties, Minnie Mouse ears I got from Target, and a diy red tutu.

What you need for the red tutu: elastic, scissors, and red tulle.

Costume #3: Bat


This has to be the easiest and my most favorite costume out of the three. For the bat costume, I have on my little black dress, thick black stockings, black flats, black cat/bat ears from Target, and the diy bat wings.

What you need for the wings: 1 – 2 yards of black fabric (depending on how big you want the wings), scissors, white pencil/pen/chalk, safety pin, elastic, and fabric glue.

Hope you all like the video! Be sure to give it a thumbs up, and leave a comment of your favorite look!

XoXo, KayMo


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