Reasons to Exfoliate…EVERYWHERE

 Exfoliating your skin is a very important step you should have in your skin care routine.  This step is even more important during those cold, harsh winter days.

Exfoliating you skin will remove your dead skin cells and clogged pores, and lets your skin glow from within. Here’s the thing, usually people remember to add this step to their face routine, but what about the rest of the body? Exfoliating your entire body is just as important as your face.

Face & Lips

Your face and lips are very sensitive, so be especially careful. Make sure to not to over exfoliate your face. I recommend you to exfoliate your face once or twice a week. For my lips I like to use my toothbrush and lightly go over my lips removing any excess dead skin. I love wearing bold lip colors, so having smooth, flake-free lips is a must. As far as my face, I have two items I love using: Clarisonic Mia and my Konjac facial sponge.


Legs and Feet

The trick is to exfoliate your legs before you shave. This will give you a closer shave and keep your razors lasting longer. My favorite thing to use on my legs is some sort of scrub. I’ve always been a fan of the dead sea scrubs, but any diy sugar/salt scrubs work just as well. One of my friends makes amazing scrubs packed with essential oils leaving the skin feeling amazing! Scrubs works wonders on your feet as well, and you should exfoliate your feet more frequently than any other body part. This will help smooth out your heels, leaving it nice and polished.



If you have issues with dry skin, moisturizers alone will not help you if you have a thick layer of dead skin piled up.  By exfoliating that layer of dead skin away, your moisturizer will be much more effective and will leave your body feeling soft and supple. You can go about this by using an exfoliating body scrub or use a loofah. 

Happy scrubbing!

XoXo, KayMo



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