How to Shop for Plus Size Clothes

How to Shop for Plus Size Clothes

Shopping for plus size clothes shouldn’t be two things: difficult and impossible. With there being more and more options for the curvy body (about damn time), the idea of shopping can be a little daunting. These are my top five tips if you’re figuring how to shop for plus size clothes.

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Tip No. 1: Know Your Body Type

Just because some clothes are categorized as plus size doesn’t mean it will fit every body the same way. Are you an apple-shaped body? Are you a pear-shaped body? Hourglass? Inverted triangle? The way a body is shaped can make clothes look one way on one person, and completely different on another. If you’re an apple-shaped body, watch this video for how to dress an apple shaped body.

Tip No. 2: Know Your Measurements

This is the most important tip when shopping for plus size clothes. It is especially helpful when shopping for plus size clothes online. To measure yourself properly, the main areas you’ll need to measure are your bust size, waist, and hips. Once you figure out your measurements, you can check the sizing chart to figure out what size will fit you best.

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Tip No. 3: Size Up and Tailor

Sometimes no matter how well you know your measurements, clothes may not fit you like a glove. This is where having a tailor to alter your clothes will come in handy. If you’re unsure about something, size up and have it altered.

Tip No. 4: Comments and Reviews

Pay attention to comments and reviews. Fortunately, there are several ways to find a review on a certain brand and clothing piece. Check the brand’s website and look at the reviews and comment section about the item you’re interested in purchasing. YouTube is also a great place to do your research. There are many plus size YouTubers giving their two-cents on how some of your favorite brands are.

Tip No. 5: Know What You Want

Have an idea of what you’re looking for. If you need inspiration, look on apps like Pinterest, We Heart It, and Instagram. Be sure to look for outfits on people with your body type. Another tip is to look at seasonal clothing guides to help narrow down what you need. Once you have an idea of what you’re shopping for, write them down in a notebook, or jot them down on your phone.

Keeping these five tips in your back pocket will make shopping for plus size clothes much easier. Hope this helped!

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