Starbucks Hacks That’ll Save You Money


Starbucks Hacks That’ll Save You Money

Telling you I love Starbucks coffee is a huge understatement. You know it’s bad when you spend more on coffee than anything else (it’s that bad). There is one perk from my obsession with coffee: learning money-saving hacks along the way to make the coffee spending habit not as bad. Here are my top tips to save money on your next trip to Starbucks.

Get a Doppio Espresso Instead of a Latte.

This is something I’ve switched to and it saves me 1 to 2 dollars depending on what I get. If you get a vanilla latte or mocha latte, it’ll run you around $3.60. It’s even more expensive if you want a specialty latte. Switch to getting 2 shots of espresso over ice, add what ever syrup you want, and then pour your own milk. My vanilla latte ends up being $2.60. It’s basically the same thing, and I personally like it better because it’s a bit stronger since I customize it to use less milk.

Light Ice and No Water

Always always ALWAYS ask for light ice when ever you get an iced drink. You’ll get more drink for your money and it won’t be watered down. Speaking of watered down drinks, if you ever order an iced tea, know that they water down the drink by adding water to it. For a stronger drink, be sure to let them know you don’t want water.

Split a Venti With a Friend

A tall cup is 12 ounces.A venti cup is 24 ounces. That means that 1 venti is 2 talls (duh). Why buy two full priced tall drinks when you can save with one venti? The next time you and a friend want to splurge on a frapaccino or a latte, order a venti drink and ask to split it into 2 tall cups. My sister and I do this all the time and it saves us at least 5 dollars easily.

Mocha Coffee Over Mocha Lattes

If you’re into mocha’s, switch to hot or iced coffee with mocha syrup in it. It practically tastes the same, but you save more than a dollar on your drink.

Stay for a Free or $0.50 Refill

If you are planning on staying at Starbucks for a while to study/work or what ever, you can get a free refill (if you have a Starbucks gold card) or for just $0.50. You’ll get a refill as long as you keep your cup and order an iced coffee, iced tea, or a brewed coffee of the day.

Save the Free Reward and Birthday Drinks for the Big Drinks

If you are a frequent coffee drinker, make sure to sign up for the Starbucks membership cards. It’s free to sign up, your first drink is free, and there are many other perks (like getting a free reward after getting a certain amount of drinks, or a free birthday drink). I typically use my money-saving tips on my everyday drinks. But once a free drink rolls around, I go all out. Get the biggest size, add in the extra shots of espresso, and some caramel sauce in the cup.  Why not? It’s free :).

Bonus Tip

Do you have a furry friend with you? Ask the barista for a Puppyccino. A Starbucks Puppuccino is an tiny paper cup full of whipped cream, just for dogs. It’s free and it’ll make your little fur baby happy.

What’s your favorite Starbucks drink?



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  • Claire Talks Beauty
    February 23, 2017

    your tips are really important ! i will try to get the Doppio Espresso Instead of the Latte next time i go to starbucks !

    • KayMo
      Claire Talks Beauty
      February 25, 2017

      This is valuable information ? my fav is doing the doppio espresso with one pump of white mocha and I’ll fill the rest with non fat milk. Literally a $4.30 coffee drink to a $2.60 ????