Sweat-Proof Summer Music Festival Makeup


Sweat-Proof Music Festival Makeup

Music Festival season is in full swing! The best part about the warmer months and this season is you can go all out with your makeup. You can truly be an artist and create what ever look using your makeup brush.

I have two different but similar looks in this post. When it comes to festivals and summer concerts, you can mix and match and play with all sorts of colors and textures.

There are a few key things that’s important to keep in mind if you want your makeup to last all day.

1. Use a primer. This will give your makeup something to hold onto. This goes for your foundation and your eyeshadow.

2. Use products that are water proof. I’m not talking about just your mascara. For you to be able to keep your “face” on all day in the heat, water and sweat proof products are important. L’Oreal Infallible Foundation and the NYX Waterproof Concealer are my go to full face summer products.

music-festival-93. Set your foundation and your eyeliner. Once you have your liquids on, you’re going to want to set it all in place. Your foundation will less likely rub off and fade throughout the day. Same goes with your eyeliner. If you’re using a black pencil liner, set it with a black eyeshadow (same goes for other colors).

4. Use a setting spray. This is huge. I didn’t realize how big of a difference a setting spray is. I’m using the one from Wet ‘n’ Wild, and it works great! You’re makeup will be locked in all day after a few sprits of this.


I hope this helped! Let me know if you’re going to any music festivals or concerts this summer!




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