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Whether you have classes starting, a new job, or what ever it is that is piling onto your plate, time management is a skill that is very important to have. Along the way, I’ve picked up on a few things that really helped me manage my time more efficiently.

1) Have a calendar.

When it comes to managing a calendar, add your appointments, meetings, project deadlines, homework, work schedule, and class schedule. Make sure you are checking it daily or else it’ll be pointless. To take it a step further, set alerts and alarms on your phone half hour to an hour beforehand as another reminder. 

2) Paper vs Planner? That is the question.

Some people choose to go digital by utilizing their phones. It makes sense since you already have it on you all the time. Others like to go old school with a paper planner. And then there are people like me who are crazy enough to use both. I love the feel of writing in a planner and color coding with pretty colors and washy tape. And then I also love to use my iPhone to quickly update my calendar. The great thing about going digital is that it syncs with all of your devices, meaning what is on your phone is on your laptop, tablet, desktop, etc. The most important thing is to find something that works for YOU.

3) Make daily todo lists and map out what your day will look like THE NIGHT BEFORE.

This alone will change your life and is one of the best habits I’ve ever formed. Every time I make my todo list the night before of everything I have for that day, I feel so much more organized and productive the next day.

4) Tackle your large projects into smaller tasks and todo’s.

Large projects and tasks can be overwhelming and frustrating. Start breaking them down into smaller tasks. It’ll start to feel really good once you start checking them off one by one.

5) Multitask like a boss.

This is huge. Take the time and figure out what tasks you can do together. This will cut down on your time. Could you study and read notes while working out on the treadmill? Can you check your emails in the morning while you eat breakfast? Can you do your laundry as you do your homework? Killing two birds with a stone is the way to go to efficiently use your time.

XoXo, KayMo


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