What I’m Thankful For


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope that you are surrounded with great food and amazing people. Even though we are reminded of all the things to be thankful about on this day, you should always be thankful for the people and things you have in your life.  There are many many many other things I am grateful for, but just for the sake of time, I’m listing out the top five reasons I am very grateful for.

Everyday is Thanksgiving day -Dad.

1. My family. I’m a much different person than I was a couple of years back. I am now way less angry and much more positive. A big part of this change was due to the support and care from my family members. Specifically my little sister and my amazing little cousins in Atlanta. Thank you for being my crazy little munchkins, love you all to pieces!

2. My Parents. Thankful to have parents that have so much unconditional love for me and my little sister. They have my back on EVERYTHING and I could not have wished for a better mom and dad.

3. My close friends. I don’t have too many friends, but the ones I have now are pretty amazing. I love you more than you could ever know.

4. Binky. My little baby Binky (aka my dog) is one of the best things to ever happen to me. From helping me start working out to comforting me when I’m down with kisses, he really is a woman’s best friend.

5. My blog. Xoxokaymo is another reason why I am a much happier person today. When you find what your passions are and you start to do what you love, your life has much more meaning to it. Thank you to everyone who takes their time to read my thoughts and for everyone who supports this little hobby of mine. I really appreciate it! <3

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Now let’s eat!

XoXo, KayMo


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