5 Fall Nail Polish Trends to Rock this Season

5 Fall Nail Polish Trends to Rock this Season

As the leaves begin to change, so do manicure trends. Switching the colors on your nails is one of the easiest ways to transition into the cooler season. You can usually catch me rocking a nude polish, but something about the seasons changing makes me want to mix things up a bit and play with bolder colors. If you’re thinking about switching up your mani for fall, I’m listing out my 5 favorite fall nail polish colors to rock during the fall season.


1. Brick Red: This is the color I gravitate towards when the weather is in between summer and fall. Having hints of browns and orange makes this particular red feel most appropriate for the fall season.

2. Deep, Red: Hands down (pun intended) this one of the most staple, must-have fall colors. I especially love rocking this when we start moving towards the holiday season.

3. Black: Yes, black. As you swap out the bright dresses for leather jackets and booties, why not do the same with the nails? There’s something about wearing this classic color during the colder months. I especially love to rock this around Halloween.

4. Deep Purples: This is another one of those deep colors that are perfect for fall. I love to pair this up with a chunky cream sweater, or any other light-colored outfit.

5. Mauve Pink: This is the lightest tone out of all 5. This is the color I opt for when I’m itching back to a more neutral color.

Remember that you can use your nails as an accessory to your fall outfits like you would do with scarves and jewelry. Pair these fall nail polish colors with chunky sweaters and jackets. What colors are you going to rock this fall? Do you have a favorite that I didn’t name?

XoXo, KayMo


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