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Fall Skin Care Favs


Fall Skin Care Favs

As the seasons change so should your skin care products. If you have dry, flaky skin during the colder months, I’ve found the perfect products to help take care that. Best part is, 3 out of the four are from the drugstore!

These four products combined have done wonders for my skin. My skin finally appears a lot clearer, I have less breakouts, and I haven’t seen any flaky patches since. This picture is unedited and I do not have on any makeup. All I have left over are blemishes from all of the acne I’ve had earlier. If you’re looking to switch your skin care products up for fall and winter, I highly recommend the following products:

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum


This serum will run you $24.93 at a Walmart. I found mine at Target on sale for $22. It’s still a little pricey, but the product is well worth it. Use this right before you apply your moisturizer. You’ll notice that this serum absorbs quick into your skin.

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream


This eye cream is $17.93 at Walmart. I cannot tell you enough how important it is to keep the skin under your eyes moisturized. This is one of the first places you’ll find signs of aging, and if you don’t start taking care of it soon, it’ll creep up on you. Unlike a lot of other moisturizers, this one does not feel heavy or as if it is just laying on top of your skin. It actually feels like your skin absorbs it and keeps the skin moisturized. Seriously guys, if there’s one product you should get from this post, it’s this one right here.

L’Oreal Paris Hydra Genius Daily Liquid Care, Extra Dry Skin.

caf4ce78-afad-416c-9748-94375f298dda_1-ff15e9cd1b39318a929f7c88e0786effThis guy is $13.93 at Walmart. I’m not going to lie, I accidentally picked up this product by mistake. But I’m sure glad I did. Even though this says it’s for extra dry skin, it does not feel too heavy. This product does not make your skin greasy, and its the perfect moisturizer to combat the cold, dry weather. It does have a strong perfume fragrance, so don’t get this if you’re not into that.



Now this is a product I swear by. It’s really important to exfoliate your skin. You can cake your face with all the moisturizers you want. But if you don’t exfoliate the dead skin off, those flakey patches will not go anywhere. This is an older model of the Clarisonic, and I got this at Ulta for about $100 a few years back.

img_6595Long story short, these four products combined cleared my skin, made my skin look smoother, reduced all of the flaky patches, and made my skin appear brighter. I hope you try some of these out! What are your go to fall skin care products?



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