Hair Care Tips For Bleached Hair

Hair Care Tips For Bleached Hair

Hair Care Tips For Bleached Hair

Taking care of your hair is one thing, but taking care of color-treated and bleached hair is a whole different ball game. You need to take several more steps in your hair care routine when you have bleached hair. Here are my top 5 hair care tips for bleached hair!


This has got to be the most important thing I can tell you to do! Deep condition once a week with a hair mask or almond oil, and condition in the shower when you wash your hair. I actually sleep in my hair mask/almond oil overnight and wash it in the morning so it can soak up all of the good stuff.

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Tip Number 2: Cut down on washing your hair.

Make dry shampoo your best friend. My favorite dry shampoo is by Batiste. I typically use this for second and third-day hair, and usually by the third-day hair my hair is either in a bun or a cute braid. I wash my hair every 4/5 days.

Tip Number 3: Lay off the heat.

Try to wash your hair at night to let it air dry overnight vs using a blow dryer. But if you must use one, make sure to use a heat protecting spray. I tend to go for Tresemme’s Heat Protecting Spray.

Tip Number 4: Get regular hair cuts.

Once you bleach your hair, the ends will be heavily dried out. If you do not start taking care of your split ends, your hair will look more and more damaged.

Tip Number 5: Leave it in!

Leave-in conditioners and leave-in serums should be staple items in your hair care routine. Remember, after bleaching your hair is now really dry, so nourishing it as much as you can is important. I always make sure to never leave the house without using my Macadamia Leave-in Cream Conditioner or the Organix Coconut Hair Serum

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