How to DIY a Blowout at Home

If you’re constantly looking for tips and tricks to put life back into fine, thin hair, this post is for you. What if I told you that you could achieve a salon worthy blowout right at home, and it’s actually easy? Follow these steps on how to diy a blowout at home, for fine, thin hair.

How to DIY a Blowout at Home

If you struggle using a round brush and a blow dryer on yourself, you are not alone. It may seem like a skill you’re suppose to have, or at least get better at. For those of you who still find this method incredibly hard (seriously, how to other people do this?) this one tool is going to be a hair game changer. I’m talking about the Revlon One Step Plus styling tool. The Revlon One Step Plus styling tool is a blow dryer and a round brush in one. It easily dries, straightens, and adds volume to your hair.

Wash Your Hair

This is one step you can’t skip. It’s a blow dryer, emphasis on the dryer. You’ll need to have wet hair to begin the process. Be sure to use a good quality shampoo and conditioner that’s meant for your hair type. For fine, thin hair, my favorites are this Ouai shampoo and conditioner. Don’t blow dry on dripping wet hair. Let your hair dry up to 50%.

Prep and Protect

This step is going to help in giving more of that long lasting volume. Using some sort of volumizing product will make your hair look and feel fuller. Follow up with your favorite heat protectant product and you’re good to go!

*TIP: Do not use too much product on your roots. This will weigh your hair down.

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Dry Your Hair in Small Sections

Separate and section off your hair using clips and work through drying your hair one section at a time. Start from the bottom of your scalp, working your way towards the top. As you’re working through each section, start with the roots, and brush upwards to add volume. Towards the ends, roll the brush inwards. This will help define the different layers and give you that “blowout” look.

Quick tip: when you get to the sections in the front wrap them around the brush going up and away from your face.

Use Dry Shampoo

To make your blowout last for another day or two, use your favorite dry shampoo. I love the one by Dove because it gives me that extra volume my hair needs.

Revlon One Step Volumizer Plus Review

Is the Revlon One Step Volumizer Plus worth the hype? Short answer: YES!

As someone who’s owned the og version, this new and improved design is well worth it. There are three key main differences that I love. The first is that this new version has a thinner handle and is lighter in weight. This makes it easier to use compared the the original. Second, there is a medium setting. As much as I loved the original, the only settings were low (not powerful enough) and high (which got way to hot). This medium setting is juuuust right. Last but not least, the detachable head. This makes storage much easier.

Not to sound dramatic, but this has literally changed my life. When you lack volume in the hair department, products and tools like this makes all the difference in the world. It only takes me less than 10 minutes, and the bounce it leaves in my hair is *chefs kiss.

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