How to Look Expensive on a Budget

Believe it or not, you could look like a million bucks without spending it. You don’t need the trendiest clothes and the most expensive purses and shoes to look expensive. All you need are a few of these tips and tricks that’ll show you how to look expensive on a budget.

Tip Number 1: Nails and makeup

Here’s the thing, you don’t need to have a $50+ nail salon visit every month to do so. Keep your nails nice and clean, and even put on a simple nude nail color over. If you really want that look of gel nails, try these KISS press-on nails for that “fresh out of the nail salon” mani.

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Tip Number 2: Neutrals

I’m going to get a lot of flack for this, but this tip is to stick to one to three neutral tone colors. I’ve noticed neutral colors with so many expensive and chic-looking outfits. Sticking to 1-3 colors in general is my golden rule for putting outfits together. This will give it a very clean and more put-together look.

How to Look Expensive on a Budget

Tip Number 3: Say no to wrinkles and lint/hair

As much as we think our fur babies are the cutest, it’s not so cute having their fur on your outfit. It’s all about the details, and that includes having on clothes that are free of wrinkles pet hair. Simple solutions to this is to use a steamer like this one, or keeping a lint roller near your closet.

Tip number 4: Don’t forget about shoes and accessories

Don’t forget about shoes and accessories. The key to having expensive-looking outfits is by pairing them with simple, good-quality shoes and accessories. Add a pair of pumps and statement jewelry to dress up a look. I personally like to go for simple, good-quality jewelry to add to my outfit. Structured purses and belts can also make a difference in your look.

Tip number 5: Top off with layers

Layering is the easiest way to dress up basic pieces and make an outfit look expensive. You can actually wear the same basic pieces and switch up the layers and accessories, and no one would even notice if done right. Heavier layers applies during the colder months. I recommend having a nice camel coat and long dusters you can throw on.

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