Mascara Routine for Short, Straight Lashes

img_3720Mascara Routine for Short, Straight Lashes

If you have really short, straight, sparse lashes, this video/blog post is for you. This tutorial will help you get those nice thick, long lashes using mascara and without any lash extensions or fake lashes. Scroll down for the list of products used!

In the picture below, you can see the difference of how technique makes a huge difference on how your lashes look.

The eye on the left, I’ve only used two coats of the normal Better Than Sex Mascara.  As you can see the mascara is great, but it doesn’t make my lashes look long and flirty.

The eye on the right, I used all of the tips mentioned in the video. You can see that my lashes look a lot longer, thicker, and more flirty.


Step #1: Curl your lashes. I’m using the one by ELF which was only $2.00.

Step #2: Prime the tips of your lashes. I only apply it to my tips because I’m going for length here. I’m using the Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer which retails for $20.00. You can also use the drugstore Voluminous Primer by L’Oreal Paris which retails for $5.99.


Step #3: Apply the first coat of mascara. Be sure to really get into your lashes by wiggling and twisting the wand as you go through the lash hairs. This way, you give an even coat from the base to the tip. I recommend using a water-proof mascara because they tend to hold your curls a lot better throughout the day. I’m using the Better Than Sex Water-proof Mascara.

Step #4: As your first coat is drying, use black liner to tight line. This will make the base of your lashes appear thicker.


Step #5: Apply your second coat of mascara. The second coat builds volume, making your lashes look thicker.

Step #6: This is a personal preference, but as my second coat is drying, I add mascara to my bottom lashes. I love how it looks, but I make sure to not add too much product.

Step #7: This is the final step. I’m not adding any more product. I’m using whatever product I have left on the brush to really brush out my lashes, fix the ends, and make sure all the lashes are in place.



I really hope this video and blog post was super helpful! I know it can be frustrating if you have short lashes, but with the right techniques, it is possible to make them look long and pretty.


What’s your current favorite mascara?




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  1. 2.27.17
    Linda said:

    Girl, your lashes ain’t that short! Lol, my lashes are way shorter than yours but I do think that curling and applying primer does help make my lashes look longer 🙂

    • 2.27.17
      KayMo said:

      hahaha! My lashes are short and broken! My mom and sister are the lucky ones in the family bc they have thick long lashes 🙁

      Gotta love that lash curler though!

  2. 2.28.17

    Such great pics!! You have beautiful eye btw! 🙂

  3. 3.1.17
    Alia said:

    Your lashes are so pretty. I honestly use zero technique when I apply my mascara. I love how yours look so effortlessly. Where did you buy that ‘Better Than Sex Mascara?’

    • 3.1.17
      KayMo said:

      Thank you! I love this mascara, it takes all the effort out! I bought it at Sephora 🙂


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