Things to Consider Before Going Blonde

Things to consider before going blonde

Things to Consider Before Going Blonde

So you want to go blonde? They do say blondes have more fun. What they fail to mention is how much of a commitment it is to maintain those lovely locks of blonde hair. I made the switch to going blonde about 4 years ago, and I’ve learned a thing or two throughout the years about what it’s really like to maintain blonde hair. As a former brunette, I’m giving you guys 5 things to consider before going blonde!

Things to consider before going blonde

1. It’s a Process

Did you know it takes about a few days for your eyes to adjust to any drastic changes you make to hair? If you’re thinking about making the change, I recommend that you make those changes to your hair slowly. Start off with highlights, then graduate to balayage, and then full-on blonde.  Regardless, you’re going to need to make multiple visits to the salon if you want to go from dark to blonde. If you’re thinking platinum blonde, then you’re going to be visiting the salon at least 3 times until you get there. It’s a process. Take the time so your hair doesn’t pay the consequences.

2. Your Toner Will Fade

The toner used after bleaching hair is what gives bleached hair that neutral look. That same toner is also going to wash out, leaving your hair brassy. From experience, my toner lasted 3 weeks before it starts to fade. So what do you do? You can always visit the salon for some touchups, or you can easily tone your hair at home.

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3. Don’t Overuse Your Purple Shampoo

Purple shampoo is your best friend because it helps prevent your hair from looking brassy. The purple counteracts the brassy yellow and neutralizes the tone. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t use it every time you wash your hair because this color depositing shampoo will dry out your hair. Processed/bleached hair needs a lot of moisture to make it look and feel healthy. Use Purple shampoo once a week, and use a more conditioning shampoo any other time you wash it.

4. You Can’t Overwash Your Hair

Speaking of washing your hair, try not to wash your hair more than twice a week. Reason being is that your hair will lose the natural oils that help coat your hair and keep it healthy. Also, the more you wash your hair, the quicker it will look dry and brassy since you’re washing the toner away.

Things to consider before going blonde

5. You Need to Have Frequent Hair Care Days

It’s not rocket science, bleaching your hair will damage your hair. Your hair will be more prone to split ends and it can become dry and brittle if you neglect using the right conditioning products. Make sure to have one day out of the week to leave in a moisturizing and conditioning hair mask all day or all night.  Here are my favorite conditioning products that will help keep your hair feeling hydrated and healthy:

Remember that it takes a lot to maintain blonde hair. If you’re thinking about making that switch to the lighter side, make sure you have the budget, time, and patience for it.

Hope this helped!

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