Best Lipsticks For Brown Skin

Picking the right lip color isn’t as easy at it may seem. Just like your foundation, finding the right lip shade is not a “one shade fits all” product. From affordable drug store, to the higher end brands, these lip colors are perfect and best lipsticks for brown skin.

The everyday nude

I know I’ve just mentioned that lipsticks aren’t a “one shade fits all” product, but this product actually is an exception. Not only does this gloss look beautiful on all skin tones, it’s exceptionally amazing on brown and dark skin-tones. It’s none other than this Fenty lipgloss. If you want an iconic, winning duo for that perfect everyday look, pair this with the Milani lipstick! Want a drugstore dupe for the Fenty gloss? This one is almost the exact same!

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The bold red lip

The thing about a red lip color is that it’s bold. Meaning it’ll be the first thing someone will notice if you have it on, so you’re going to want to make sure it looks just right. This red color has been my go-to for years. Best part it, it’s very affordable! I go into more detail here:

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This one isn’t a lipstick, it’s more of a lipliner. Although you can find it in Sephora, it’ll cost you six bucks. This color also looks great paired with the Fenty lipgloss mentioned above. Another great option is this one by Wet ‘n’ Wild.

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Maybelline has truly stepped up their game when it comes to makeup, and their lip products are truly *chefs kiss. If you’re looking for the perfect deep, burnt orange, you cannot go wrong with this one. This color is also perfect for the autumn months!

Finding the best lipsticks for brown skin tones may be tricky, but this list should help you out in finding some great products for your makeup collection!

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