Number One Tip for Hyperpigmentation

Number One Tip for Hyperpigmentation – Sunscreen for Brown Skin

By now you should know that the sun does more harm than good to our skin, but did you know it’s a huge factor in sunspots and hyperpigmentation? This is why it is important to use some sort of sun protection. If you’re someone who deals with hyperpigmentation and discoloration, this is one step you CANNOT avoid. This is the number one tip for hyperpigmentation – sunscreen for brown skin

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There’s a misconception that the darker the skin, the more protection it’ll have from the sun. Yes, people with more melanin in their skin are less likely to experience a sunburn, but the dangers are still there. In addition to increasing the risk of getting skin cancer, sun exposure can darken existing hyperpigmentation and aging. So if you are using expensive treatments to improve the signs of uneven skin tones, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles, you’re basically dumping these products down the drain if you’re not using any sunscreen!

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UVA & UVB Rays

There are 2 main things you want your sunscreen to have: UVA & UVB protection. UVB rays can cause hyperpigmentation and sunspots. UVA rays are the rays that can cause skin cancer and wrinkles. So remember A is for again, B burns.

One more very important thing: you should be wearing sunscreen both outdoors AND indoors, on sunny or cloudy days. If you’re sitting in front of a large window, those UV rays can still penetrate your skin. Be sure to wear a minimum of SPF 30, and reapply on your face and neck every 2-3 hours.

Whether you’re outside enjoying a picnic, taking a stroll through the park with your dog, or working at your desk by a window, wear your sunscreen every day. It’s never too late to add this step into your skincare regimen!

Now that you know why it’s important to add SPF into your daily skincare routine, here are my top SPF products that are brown skin approved!

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