Blonde Hair, Brown Skin: 5 Tips for Desi/Brown/Indian Skin

img_4977Many people think that when you have a deeper and a more warm skin tone, it’s almost impossible to pull off blonde hair. Well let me just stop you right there. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE can pull off these golden locks.  There are just a few things to keep in mind if you’re deciding to go over to the …lighter side (scroll all the way to the bottom for the video). Here are my 5 tips on going blonde if you have brown/Indian skin like mine.


Tip number 1: Go in multiple sessions, and make sure your hair is not too damaged.

Bleaching your hair is already extremely damaging to your hair, so you want to go lighter through multiple sessions. Also, if you start off with extremely damaged hair, bleaching it can fry it even more (and we don’t want that). Keep your hair conditioned and trim it every 3 months to keep it looking healthy.

Tip number 2: Figure out your skin tone.

I have a warmer skin tone, so I have more warm toned blondes in my hair. The second time I went and got my hair done, we went a little more on the cool side, and lets just say it did not flatter me as much. You can tell what skin tone you are based on the color of the veins on your wrist. The greener they look, the warmer you are. The more blue they look, the cooler you are.


Tip number 3: Keep some of your dark roots!

This is a personal opinion, but I think if you do more highlights and a balayage, it’ll prevent your hair from washing you out. It will also not look bad when it also starts to grow out because of the highlights are blended into your dark roots.

Tip number 4: Have multidimensional color.

Instead of having just one type of blonde, have a couple. This will add more dimension and life into your hair.

Tip number 5: If you use henna, do not bleach your hair.

My hair dresser told me that the properties in henna mixed with the properties in bleach is not a good combination. Your hair can start breaking and falling off. Bleach is already damaging, so you do not want to make things worse if you already have henna in your hair.

I hope you guys found this helpful! Are you thinking about going blonde?



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