Plus Size Fashion: Spring Wardrobe Essentials

Plus Size Fashion: Spring Wardrobe Essentials

Plus Size Fashion: Spring Wardrobe Essentials

When transitioning from dark, heavy winter wear to a light and brighter spring wardrobe, I’ve got the spring wardrobe essentials you need. Add these six spring clothing essentials to your closet to update and complete your spring look.

Plus Size Fashion: Spring Wardrobe Essentials

1. Light Blouses

With the weather getting warmer, you’ll want to stick with fabrics that are light and airy. Even if it does get chillier later on the day, layering up will be easier if you start with a lighter base.

Bonus tip: wear lighter colors like blushes and creams as you can see on my clothing rack . Lighter color retain less heat so you’ll feel cooler throughout the day.

2. Light-Wear Layers

When it starts to get chilly in the evening, having one of these layers will come in handy to keep you warm. These spring staples can go with many different outfits. From dresses to skirts, to just a simple tee and denim, throwing one of these over will complete your look. Go-to spring layers include utility jackets, dusters, denim jackets, and light trench coats.

3. Midi Skirts

A midi skirt is the perfect length for spring wear, especially when transitioning from a cooler season. Pair it with a tighter fitting top to balance the skirt out.

4. Stripes and Polkadots

Don’t be afraid to play with different prints like stripes and polkadots. If you’re on the plus side, do not, AND I REPEAT, do not be afraid of horizontal stripes. You can also pair stripes with a light vest or cardigan to add vertical lines to your outfits.

5. Spring Dresses

Nothing says spring fashion like a beautiful spring dress. Dresses are great during the warmer months because it’s only one clothing item for the outfit and you don’t have to put on pants! Flowy floral dresses are a staple spring dress.

6.White Jeans or Pants

The spring color palette mentioned earlier pairs perfectly with white. Pairing white jeans/pants with anything will instantly brighten any outfit.

Plus size spring wardrobe essentials

Remember, always keep in mind the weather when putting on an outfit together. Spring in the south may be a little different from spring in the north, so dress accordingly. I hope you guys found this helpful! What are your favorite spring clothing essentials?


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