Plus Size Fashion: Classic Camel Coat


I’ve never been the stylish type, nor have I ever been very good with fashion. I can honestly say that this past year is the first year I’m learning more about myself and my style. With that being said, I’ve learned that I like looking for things that are very versatile to add to my wardrobe. Recently I’ve purchased a camel coat, and let me tell you this much: YOU NEED ONE OF THESE IN YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW. Here are three reasons why!


Plus Size Fashion: Classic Camel Coat

1. You can wear this with almost anything. This piece is great because you can wear this over many different outfits.  You can dress it up and wear them to holiday parties or casually wear them over a knitted sweater and jeans.

2. They can be worn any time. Camel coats can be worn during almost every season. Because of its neutral color and minimal look, you can layer this coat with almost any outfit during Fall, Winter, and even Spring. Speaking of time, this coat can be worn easily from day to night.

3. They give your outfits a more sophisticated and polished look. Creating outfits shouldn’t be hard, and this coat simplifies everything. I can keep my outfits simple, like wearing all black. By wearing a camel coat over it, my simple outfit looks more chic and put together.


XoXo, KayMo

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