Plus Size Winter Outfits

How to Layer for Fall and Winter – Plus Size Fashion

How to Layer for Fall and Winter – Plus Size Fashion

I’ll let you in on a little secret. When you have a plus-size body, there’s an actual strategy to layering clothes for fall and winter outfits. Sure you can throw on whatever jacket and sweater you have from your closet, but you may end up feeling more bulky and uncomfortable. I’m sharing 5 my tips on how to layer for fall and winter on a plus size body.

This video explains these tips:

Tip number one:

Don’t start off by wearing a thick sweater. Instead, opt for something that has a thinner fabric. For example, you can start off with a thin tank top and then a thin long sleeve top or a thin turtleneck sweater. This also goes for your bottoms. If it’s very cold outside, throw on some tight pair of leggings underneath your pants.

*Quick hack: invest in some collared and turtleneck dickies. These are great for anyone who wants to have that look of white collars peaking through their sweater but want to ditch extra layer clothes.

Tip number two:

The key to layering is to gradually layer from the thinnest clothing piece to the thickest layers. So after you have your base layer on, start layering it over with pieces that a bit thicker. Try on pieces like light cardigans and thicker sweaters.

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Tip number three:

The last clothing item you should put on is the thickest and heaviest piece. This could be your wool jackets, parkas, and camel coats. This piece is especially important if you live in a very cold environment. I recommend wearing something that goes past your hips so it covers more of your body.

Tip number four:

Top it off with accessories and shoes that will not only add to your outfit but also function to keep you warm. These include things like scarves, hats, and knee-high boots.

*Quick hack: If you’re having issues with your jeans or sweat pants fitting in your boots, wear long socks that go over the bottom of your pants. this way it’ll stay in place when you put on your boots.

Tip number five

If you want the look of a layered outfit with actually having to layer multiple pieces, find clothing items that give an illusion of just that. Here’s an example of what I mean. This fashion nova jacket looks like you’ve layered a zippered hoodie underneath a long black trench coat. But since it’s sown together that way, it’s one less layer to worry out, but you’re still getting that layered look

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