How to Style Chunky Sneakers

How to Style Chunky Sneakers

Dads aren’t the only ones sporting the chunky sneakers this season, and I’m all for this! Chunky sneakers made its way back to the fashion world, and it’s been my go-to footwear for spring.

So how do you style them? It’s a lot easier than you think. The easiest way to add this into any look is to go simple. Keep the base of your outfit basic, like a simple t-shirt and leggings. Then, pair it with a trendy layer and add the sneakers to finish off the look. You can work them into almost any outfit. I’ve been playing around with different looks, pairing them with dresses, skirts, and the obvious sportswear. Because they are so chunky and such a statement piece, don’t pair this with baggy pants. Opting for skinnies or showing off your legs balances out the look of these shoes.

Easy, go-to outfits with chunky sneakers:

-Skirt and a t-shirt tucked in

-Flowy dress and a side purse

-Cropped denim and a t-shirt

-Leggings, t-shirt, and denim jacket

-Shorts and a blouse french tucked in

This pair of chunky sneakers are from BooHoo, but you can find these at almost any department store.

How do you guys feel about the sneaker trend? Do you love it as I do, or are you waiting for it be over with?


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