How to Style Apple Shape Body

Anyone with an apple-shaped body out there? Sometimes it feels like in a sea of body types, the apple-shape body is the one body type that is least talked about. What is an apple shape body? How do you dress an apple shaped body? What looks best on an apple shaped body? I’m answering all of these questions and giving you my top tips on how to style apple shape body.

What is an apple shape body?

Before I get into the tips, I want to make sure you know exactly what an apple shape body is. People with an apple shaped body tend to carry most of their weight in their midsection. This makes the midsection the widest part of the body. As a woman with an apple shaped body, I thought it was impossible to look good while with a bigger belly. I’m here to tell you firsthand that anybody in any shape can look amazing. There are a few tips and tricks anyone with a larger apple shape body can do to dress more stylish.

Characteristics of an Apple Shaped Body

Did you know that you don’t have to be plus size in order to be characterized as an apple shape? You’ll know you have an apple shaped body with

  • Rounder, wider shoulder line
  • Average to large bust
  • Larger mid-section
  • Wide ribcage and back
  • Little to undefined waistline and narrow hips
  • Great legs
  • Weight gains are first visible in the stomach area

Styling Tips for an Apple Shaped Body

Redirect your focal point

With having all of the weight in the midsection, the trick to styling an apple shape body is to find a new focal point for the eyes to focus on. One of the easiest things you can do is pair a v-neck with some sort of necklace. V-necks open up your chest area, drawing the eyes there and away from the midsection. Find v-neck T-shirts and sweaters to your wardrobe. With dresses, look for a wrap dress that gives that similar v-neck look. Having pieces with side slits makes the piece a bit more forgiving around the midsection by not clinging to the waist.

Find a new waist

Many may say to never tuck anything in or wear a belt if you have an apple shaped body. Yes, belting or tucking things in on the widest part of your body can accentuate your waste. The key is to redefine your waist. Instead of tightening a belt around your natural waist, go a bit highter. This is the smallest part of your body and will give your body more shape when.

Wear high waisted anything

Honestly, try to wear high-waisted anything. From leggings to jeggings, shorts, and denim pants, the higher the better. Since apple-shaped bodies are prone to muffin tops and basically the belly overflowing (lol what a description), high-waisted pants make the belly area feel more secure. Madewell has some really good quality high-waisted denim jeans.

best style for apple shaped body

Wear items with side slits

One of the easiest ways you can wear things that are form-fitting without hugging your midsection is by find items with side slits. Having side slits make it more forgiving around the midsection. This way, you won’t need to wear anything too large or oversized in order for it to fit around your midsection. The side slits give that area a bit more room to breathe and easily drape over and flow down your body.

Look for items that give your body more shape

Click here too see an example of a dress that has extra fabric around the hips, making the body appear to have a more hourglass figure. Clothing items like this are amazing for apple-shaped bodies. You can also use color to your advantage. You can find dresses that have a design to give you the illusion of a smaller waist. By wearing a lighter color in the front, but a darker contrast towards the sides, you can see how this can play a trick on your eyes to make it appear as if you have a smaller waist.

Break oversized outfits up with layers

If you have on a dress or a top that lacks shape making you appear larger, break it up by throwing on layers like a vest or a duster. Dusters and vests are perfect layers to add on vertical lines to your outfit, elongating your body. If it’s too hot to wear extra layers, you can have the same effect with a long, lightweight scarf.

Pro tip: use color blocking to break it up even further. Use a darker layer on top of a lighter colored top to break it up even more.

dresses for apple shaped plus size

Don’t hide your body

PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT WEAR OVERSIZED CLOTHES TO HIDE YOUR BODY! This is unflattering no matter what body shape you have. Embrace your curves and love the skin that you’re in. It’s all about working with what you have and finding the right pieces for your body type.

What Should an Apple Shaped Body Wear?

Peplum tops and Empire Waists are your best friend

Peplum tops and empire-waist tops do are amazing for apple shaped bodies. This is because it does a great job at loosely covering the midsection, giving your body some shape at the same time. Similar to tip number 2, the way this item is structure gives the illusion of having a waist, something apple-shaped bodies can lack. You can even add a belt to define the waist even more.

V-Neck Neckline

Since apple shape bodies have a nice chest area, wearing necklines with a v-neck is ideal. A v-neck neckline will help elongate the body and break up the chest area. Think about v-neck dresses, tanks, blouses, and t-shirts when dressing an apple shape body.

Open Layering Clothing Pieces

Avoid the more clingy, heavy sweaters. Instead layer with flowy, open cardigans and dusters. When it comes to jackets, layer with a more structured jacket. Steer clear of puffer jackets that end at above the waist, and opt for a more tailored blazer or jacket that goes passed your hips. Finally with coats, empire coats, trench coats, and a-line coats are your best bet for the winter time.


The goal is to balance out the midsection, so opt for bottoms that’ll be a bit wider towards the bottom. Wide-leg, flowy trousers are your best best, fallowed by cargo pants. If you’re trying to find the right pair of jeans, go for the wide-leg bootcuts. This will balance the wider stomach area.

Always remember that apple shape bodies is just another unique body type. Our bodies are just as loved as a pear shaped body or any other body shape out there. Love your body and the skin that you’re in! Hope this helped any apple shaped bods out there!

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