How to Style an Apple Shaped Body

How to Style an Apple Shaped Body

How to Style an Apple Shaped Body

Anyone with an apple-shaped body out there? Sometimes it feels like in a sea of body types, the apple-shaped body is one of the hardest to style. So how do you dress an apple shaped body? If you have a full, rounded stomach with no defined waist, I’m giving you my top tips on how to style an apple shaped body.

Tip number 1: Look for side slits and v-necks

The issue with clothes fitting an apple-shaped body is that it fits everywhere but the stomach. Clothes can kind of fit, but the belly is accentuated based on the material and the fit of the clothing item. Having pieces with side slits makes the piece a bit more forgiving around the midsection by not clinging to the waist.

V-necks is also something I usually look out for. This especially looks good on apple shaped bodies. Find v-neck tshirts and sweaters to your wardrobe. With dresses, look for a wrap dress that gives that similar v-neck look.

Tip number 2: Wear high waisted pants

Honestly, try to wear high waisted anything. From leggings to jeggings, shorts, and denim pants, the higher the better. Since apple-shaped bodies are prone to muffin tops and basically the belly overflowing (lol what a description), high waisted pants make the belly area feel more secure. Madewell has some really good quality high waisted denim jeans.

How to Style an Apple Shaped Body

Tip number 3: Peplum tops are your best friend

Peplum tops do a great job at loosely covering the midsection and giving your body some shape at the same time. The way this item is structured, it gives the illusion of having a waist, something apple-shaped bodies can lack. You can even add a belt to define the waist even more.

Tip number 4: Wear items that have details to distract the eye away from the midsection

I always look for peplums (tip number 3), shoulder cuts, v-necks, and high-low cuts. Having interesting details like this will draw the eyes away from the mid-section and onto the other areas of the body.

Tip number 5: Look for items that give your body more shape

Click here too see an example of a dress that has extra fabric around the hips, making the body appear to have a more hourglass figure. Clothing items like this are amazing for apple-shaped bodies.

Tip number 6: Break oversized outfits up with layers

If you have on a dress or a top that lacks shape, making you appear larger, break it up by throwing on layers like a duster. Dusters and vests are perfect layers to add on vertical lines to your outfit, elongating your body.

How to Style an Apple Shaped Body

Tip number 7: Don’t hide your body

PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT WEAR OVERSIZED CLOTHES! This is unflattering no matter what body shape you have. Embrace your curves and love the skin that you’re in. It’s all about working with what you have and finding the right pieces for your body type.

Hope this helped any apple shaped bods out there!

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