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Plus Size Spring Outfits

2021 Plus Size Spring Outfits

Warmer days andΒ sunshine call for a change in wardrobe. Nail the perfect spring outfit with these essential spring clothing pieces to add to your spring wardrobe. You can mix and match and create the perfect plus size spring outfits.

Dress Up Basics

I took a trip to Walmart and found the cutest plus-size clothing items to create these spring outfits. The trick to putting a chic and trendy spring outfit together is by pairing basics with statement pieces and accessories. Walmart is a great place to find affordable basics. I’m always stocking up on t-shirts and crewnecks like the one you saw in the video.

Plus-Size Spring Outfits
Plus-Size Spring Outfits

Midi Skirts for the Win

One of the easiest ways you can create a spring look is by pairing basics with a cute midi skirt. Midi skirts like this one can be easily paired with a cute top and some accessories. If there is one pair of shoes I recommend you get, it’s these flat white sneakers. They go with almost anything and can make any outfit look more casual. Also, they’re really easy to walk in.

Plus Size Spring Outfits
Plus Size Spring Outfits
Plus Size Spring Outfits

Always Use This Tip!

If there’s one tip I want you to take from this post is that try to keep your outfits to one to three colors. Having a simple color scheme will give it a more chic and clean look. Take a t-shirt dress and pair it with a duster vest. Take a simple t-shirt and pair it with a pair of statement bottoms. And don’t forget about monochromatic color schemes. These are the cleanest and easiest looks you can put together. Top it all off with a side purse and some sunglasses or a hat and you have an outfit!

For spring, remember to update your color pallet for a lighter and brighter color theme. If you haven’t checked out my post on a full spring style guide, I go into more detail on just that!

What are you planning to wear for spring?

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