Summer Scent: Versace Bright Crystal


I love a great perfume. I am very particular on what smells I like and do not like. I prefer the musky, masculine cologne smells and stray away from the sweet, fruity kind. However, this perfume is the perfect blend of the smell I prefer mixed with a sweet floral scent that surprisingly compliments each other.


This is my go to perfume for summer. It has such a beautiful fresh, floral scent perfect for any lady during the warm weather months. There are many elements to this perfume, yet it does not overpower and is pleasantly refreshing.


You can get this perfume at a Sephora, Macy’s, or any major department stores. The few cons I can think of is that it’s about $70 for a 1.7oz, which is definitely pricy, and the giant, bulky “crystal” top looks tacky to me.

XoXo, KayMo

pssst…What’s your favorite summer scent?


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