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2017 Happy Planner: Modern Marble

2017 Happy Planner: Modern Marble If you love the Happy Planner and if you love marble, guess what: THE HAPPY PLANNER COMBINED THEM BOTH! You all know my obsession with marble, so when I saw this I had to get one! This post is just a sneak peek of what the planner looks like!


5 Tips on Wearing Liquid Lipsticks

If you haven’t tried liquid lipsticks yet, you’re missing out. You can find many affordable, good quality liquid lipsticks at your local drugstore now. Liquid lipsticks are very different from your normal lipstick and they are a little tricky to apply. Here are my 5 tips on wearing liquid lipsticks.


Happy Planner Week No. 14

It’s been a while since I did one of these. Here’s my spread for this week in my Happy Planner week No. 14. The theme for this week was marble, black, and gold. If there was one look I would do every week, it’s this one right here. Basically has everything I love!


Easy, Natural Glowing Makeup

Easy, Natural Glowing Makeup Hey guys! One of the biggest trends right now is having that “glowy” look for Spring. If you’re like me and don’t like to look like your face fell in glitter, you’ll like this look. You get all of that highlight but it still looks natural. Check out my video for a quick…


DIY Marble Disc-bound Notebook

DIY Marble Disc-bound Notebook Thanks to the Happy Planner, the disc-bound system has gained a lot of popularity. Did you know you can do so much more than use this system as a planner? Do you have notebooks to sketch in, take class notes, or even to journal? Well you can easily create a disc-bound notebook…