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Happy Planner: Week No. 5

Happy Planner: Week No. 5 Sunday means new Happy Planner spread! Can you tell my new sudden obsession of neutrals? Not only have I’ve been obsessed with the minimal, neutral look in my fashion wardrobe, I’m also loving it on everything else… inluding my planner, haha!


How To Make An Inspiration Rack

Recently I’ve purchased this clothing rack from target to create an inspiration rack for my room. Inspiration racks are great because they do just that: inspire. The beauty of having one of these is that you can dress it up the way YOU want. Here are my tips on creating your own inspiration rack.


Plus Size Workout Clothes

Plus Size Workout Clothes Working out may be something you’re not a big fan of, but you can find that motivation right in your closet. It’s amazing how much better you’ll feel during a workout if you put a tiny bit of effort into your outfit. When you feel confident in your clothes, you’ll go harder.…


Valentines Day Sultry Makeup Look

Valentines Day Sultry Makeup Look This is my very first Valentines day makeup look for you guys, and I hope you like it! You cannot have a Valentines day makeup look without the bold red lips! Scroll down for the full video and a list of all of the products I’ve used!