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3 Ways to Organize Your Life


3 Ways to Organize Your Life

Things can get pretty hectic with everything going on in your life. Whether it’s you going back to school, starting a new job, or keeping track of your daily tasks, you know how important time management is. It is especially helpful to utilize a planner, paper or digital. Here are 3 ways you can stay on top of everything going on in your busy life.

-The Happy Planner-

The Happy Planner is one of the most useful planners for those who have a lot on their plate. The beauty of this planner is how it breaks down your day into three sections.  If you like to break up your day by time, use the sections as morning, noon, and night/evening. You can also break it down into what’s important in your life. For me, it’s work, blog, and health. For the typical student, it can be classes, tests/homework, and after school programs.  Make this planner work for you. (Check out my full review on the Happy Planner).


-Bullet Journal-

Bullet journals are ideal for those who like to keep things simple with to do’s and lists. There are many ways you can use a bullet journal. You can create a customized key for your daily tasks, or just keep it simple with bullet points of what needs to get done that day. Bullet journaling is very customizable because you create the pages how you like it. (Check out the original video on bullet journaling.


-Cell Phone-

What better tool to organize your life than what’s in your very own pocket. If you just don’t have the time to write things down and carry a planner with you, use your phone. There are many apps you can download and use to keep track of your to do’s, schedule, and appointments.


 My favorite apps to use are:

-Google calendar: it’s great because it syncs up with all of your devices, so you have your calendar on what ever you use

-AwesomeNote: this app organizes everything all in one, including all of your notes, to do’s, and calendar

-iPhone’s built in calendar and notes: for quick reminders and notes


How do you like to organize your life? Are you a digital or pen and paper person?


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  1. 9.10.17
    Alia said:

    Planning is my way of life. I love this so. If people only knew the power this simple trait. I haven’t done the stickers yet and I must add that too my routine!!!


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