Winter Skin Care Routine

Update Your Winter Skin Care Routine


Update Your Winter Skin Care Routine

When the weather changes so does my skin care routine. The cold weather dries out your skin leaving you with those dry, flaky patches (not pretty). Here is a look into my current skincare routine and my tips to update your winter skincare routine.


Take It All Off!

It is important to take off all of that makeup/dirt every night. I always start off with some kind of facial wipes to remove my eye makeup and a large amount of my makeup. After that I move on with my face cleanser for that squeaky clean look and feel.


Exfoliate Exfoliate Exfoliate!

Seriously, if you’re not doing this step, START NOW! This is a must during winter. In order to remove the flaky, dry skin, exfoliating is key. I use a Clarisonic Mia, but anything that scrubs it off will work. By exfoliating you are removing that top layer of dead skin, allowing your moisturizer to be more effective. Daily exfoliation can be too harsh for you skin so make sure to exfoliate once or twice a week.


Moisturize and Hydrate

This is a step you cannot forget. I’ve always been a huge fan of rosehip oil. It’s very moisturing and perfect for winter. After I wash my face, I make sure to use an eye cream and a couple drops of the oil, followed my my moisturizer.

Bonus tip: masks are also a great way to add moisture and hydration to your skin. Have a spa day once week and treat yourself to a hydrating face mask.

What’s currently in your skin care routine?

XoXo, KayMo

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  1. 1.13.17

    These sound like great products. I use cleansing wipes at night to remove makeup too. My skin breaks out if I use cleanser twice a day.


    • 1.13.17
      KayMo said:

      Sounds like you have sensitive skin!

  2. 1.16.17
    Jasmine said:

    I have been loving products that has argan oil. Especially on the lips because my lips get so dry. I use the Foreo Luna to exfoliate my face. I have yet to try this type of brush.

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