Tips on Working from Home

Tips on Working from Home

Tips on Working from Home

I’ve been working from home for the last 2ish years (thanks to a little thing called covid) and a lot has been learned since then. Working from home has its perks, but it’s more than just sitting in your pajamas all day and working from your bed. Actually, that’s exactly what you should NOT do. Whether you are self-employed or you’re working remotely, here are my tips on working from home and actually getting things done.

Get out of bed, and make it immediately

This is an easy one to knock out first thing in the morning. Your bed should be a place of rest and relaxation, so boundaries need to be set between your bed and work. By making your bed first thing in the morning, two things are going to happen:

    A) You won’t be tempted to hop back in.

    B) You’ll already feel a little accomplished at the start of your day by completing one task.

Start your day with a morning routine

And yes, that includes putting on some pants. It’s very tempting to roll out of bed and work in your pajamas. As comfortable as that is, it’ll take you much longer to mentally focus. Wake up a bit earlier to give yourself a routine that works for you. I’ve tried to be the girl that works out first thing in the morning, but that flopped. What did help me was to taking a shower first thing in the morning. I followed this up by putting on a cute outfit and doing my hair and makeup. If you need coffee, be your own barista. Do everything that you need to do to get mentally and physically prepared to work. The key is to find a morning routine that works for you.

Have a to-do list

I highly recommend you make one the night before. This will help you start your day knowing exactly what you need to do that day so you can hit the ground running. You can go digital or use a paper planner. I swear by my bullet journal that lists all of my to-do’s for that day and it’s a lifesaver. (Click here for my 2020 bullet journal setup).

Tips on Working from Home

Create a workspace

Your bed and your couch does not count. This goes back to step 1, making that clear distinction from work and a place of relaxation. You do not need a fancy home office. If you have the option to sit at a desk that has everything you need to get your job done, USE IT. Find an area that has fewer distractions, so yes, that means turn off the tv. Wherever you decide to set-up, keep it organized and clean. Have the mindset of that area being your work office to get your work done.

Structure your day

Have an exact time where you plan to start and end your workday. By having a cut-ff time will help prevent you from working the entire day. Don’t forget to schedule in breaks to get your body moving. This includes going for a walk and taking your lunch. When you do take those breaks, physically get up and move away from your computer.

When it comes to working from home, the most important thing to remember is to find ways to help you focus and be productive throughout the workday in the comforts of your own home. Are you planning on working from home, or do you already do so? What helps you focus and stay productive when working from home?

Tips on Working from Home

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