Best At Home Box Dye For Dark Hair

Best At Home Box Dye For Dark Hair

Best At Home Box Dye For Dark Hair

With more and more people staying home, trying things like using a box dye to color your hair doesn’t sound so crazy. Salons can take anywhere from $60-$100 or more to dye hair. If you have dark hair and are trying to subtly change up your look, here’s the best at-home box dye for dark hair (from my experience).

Usually, in the spring or summer, I tend to switch up my look a bit. If my hairstylist is reading this right now, she’d probably give me the biggest lecture on why using a box dye is a bad idea (sorry!). But when things are tight and you’re trying to save money, a box dye doesn’t seem like too bad of an idea. One of the easiest ways I am able to save a some cash is to dye my own hair at home. My favorite at-home hair dyeing kits are the ones by L’Oreal Feria.

Something to note:

Remember to follow the directions on the box carefully before proceeding. I do also want to mention that if your hair is already severely damaged or fried, don’t do this. Leave it to the professionals. Speaking of professionals, if you ever go to the salon to get your hair done after using a box dye, let your stylist know. This will prevent any further damage and your stylist will know exactly what to do moving forward.

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Best At Home Box Dye For Dark Hair
My natural hair before using the hair dye.
Best At Home Box Dye For Dark Hair
My hair after using the hair dye.

What you’ll need:

Tip Number 1

Start off with 2nd or 3rd-day hair. The more oil and grit your hair has, the better for the integrity of your hair shaft. This will also help to prevent irritation on your scalp. Follow that with testing a section of your hair so to make sure it’s safe to use all over.

Tip Number 2

Apply hair dye section by section, using a hair coloring brush. Pro tip: DO NOT APPLY COLOR FROM THE ROOTS TO THE ENDS ALL AT ONCE! Your color on the roots develops quicker, so only apply the color midway to the ends first. Then after 10 minutes go back and apply color to the rest of it.

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