Plus Size Winter Outfits

Plus Size Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Baby, it’s cold outside! Sure you can wrap yourself in a blanket burrito all winter long, but what will you wear when you actually have to step out in public? Your plus size winter wardrobe doesn’t need to be just oversized hoodies and sweat pants. This is the time where you can mix and match both trendy and basic pieces to create the perfect winter wardrobe. There are certain winter pieces you can keep in winter capsule wardrobe that you can wear year after year. Here are a few staples you need to create the perfect plus size winter capsule wardrobe for plus size winter outfits.

When you’re putting together a winter capsule wardrobe for plus size winter outfits, remember these 5 things: base top, bottoms, layering pieces, accessories, and shoes. Another thing to keep in mind with winter outfits are proportions. Be sure to balance your layers with different fits. For example, if you have an oversized sweater or knit, balance it out with a more form-fitting bottom. If you have on an oversized, loose pair of pants, pair that with a more form-fitting top.

Plus Size Winter Essentials

Jogger Set

Joggers are perfect for that cozy, casual look. Theyโ€™re so versatile and easy to layer with other things. If you’re looking for the perfect plus size jogger set for apple shaped bodies, I gotchu. This jogger set from Reb Dolls in black is amazing and looks so good on apple shaped bodies. I’ve got one in the size 1x and love how it fits my body.

Long Sleeve Sweaters

Finding great long sleeve sweaters that’ll keep you warm in the winter is a staple for a winter capsule wardrobe. This is going to be part of your base layer. If you plan to layer things over it, make sure the fabric is thinner and less chunky. That way it’ll be easier to layer over with jackets and scarves. Look for different colors and textures to switch up these pieces. My go-to staple base tops for plus size winter outfits are the following:

Jackets and Coats

Jackets are the perfect layers you can add to your winter outfit. These layers will not only give you added warmth in the cold weather, but also add to your look. Stick to the one to three color rule when pairing your layers with the other plus size winter clothing pieces you have on. The jackets and coats to have in your winter capsule wardrobe include:

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Plus Size Winter Capsule Wardrobe


When it comes to bottoms, my general rule is to keep it dark and simple. If it is extremely cold, put on some tights underneath your bottom of choice for added warmth. Quick tip: swap out your plain jane leggings with this faux leather leggings. Different fabrics can really spice up an outfit, and nothing says edgy like faux leather does. You can even find a pair with more added details, such as rips, zippers, and ribbed details.

Accessories and Shoes

Accessories and shoes are the cherry on top to any outfit. The best thing about wearing hats and beanies is that these are perfect for days you don’t want to do your hair. Do you have a hard time finding boots that fit? When it comes to shoes, specifically boots, you need to make sure they’re wide-calf fit.Go to accessories and shoes for any plus size winter outfit are:

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