Summer Outfits for Apple Shaped Bodies

Summer Outfits for Apple Shaped Bodies

Unfortunately apple shaped bodies aren’t represented enough in our society. How about instead of hiding our curves, let’s show the world that EVERY body a summer body, including apple shapes? With a few tricks and tips, let’s celebrate our big bellies and gorgeous self with these summer outfits for apple shaped bodies!

Things to keep in mind:


Believe it or not, colors are actually important in the summer. Chalk it up to science. The darker the colors you choose to wear, the hotter you’ll feel. The lighter the colors, the cooler you’ll feel. Have you noticed that all of the buildings in Greece is white? The same concept. So the first step of picking an outfit in the blistering heat: pick the right color.


This is another big one when it comes to feeling comfortable and cooler throughout the day. The key is to stick to fabric material that are as natural as possible. Linens and cottons just to name a few. These are natural, breathable fibers that will feel more comfortable as you wear them throughout the summer days. Need to wear a blend of materials? As long as the percentage of the natural fibers is more that the synthetic fibers, you’re in the clear (ex: 70% cotton, 30% polyester).

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Clothing items

Blouses, t-shirts & other tops

A few things too look for with tops:

  1. V-necks to draw the eye away from the midsection and towards the chest area and shoulders
  2. Side slits – makes it more forgiving around the waist
  3. Solid colors – makes it easy to pair with other items and accessories

High-waisted anything

Not only does a high-waisted pair of pants, shorts, skirts (etc) accentuates your waistline, it holds everything in place. This gives a bit more structure to your body.

High-low dresses and skirts

High-low dresses and skirts are especially dreamy. It shows off the legs and looks beautiful on all body types. Go for dresses that have a v-neck and is synched right above the waste.

Denim and pants

If you’re thinking about wearing pants, a flattering pair for apple shaped bodies will balance out the mid-section. What I mean is to skip the skinny jeans. Tapered pants and skinnies accentuate your legs, making your stomach appear larger. By wearing wide-leg, flowy pants, this will balance out your lower body. Keep an eye out for pants that have extra fabric in the front so it wont cling on to the stomach

If you want more tips, I’ve got this video for you!

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